Connect roadmaps
to revenue

Ensure product ROI with the first AI roadmapping suite that instantly aligns roadmaps with Sales. Identify and prioritize feature gaps based on revenue impact, generate roadmaps, and easily close the loop with Sales.

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Build and prioritize revenue-based roadmaps in seconds. Close the loop with sales automatically.

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Connect your CRM and Support tools

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AI extracts deal-blocking feature gaps

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AI prioritizes a revenue-based roadmap

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AI alerts sales reps when features ship

Automatically identify
deal-blocking feature gaps.

Instantly analyze CRM data and customer conversations with AI, automatically identifying and categorizing the feature gaps blocking deals and adding them to your idea backlog.

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Analyze insights with AI

Use AI analysis to instantly surface key themes from customer conversations, common feature requests, areas for improvement, and overall sentiment analysis.

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Easily align roadmap prioritization and revenue opportunity.

Quantify product’s impact on revenue by auto-mapping CRM deal data to roadmap items, allowing you to prioritize with a clear view of potential business impact, user needs, and internal value.

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Empower sales teams to close deals without lifting a finger.

Automatically notify Sales deal owners when features ship. Targeted alerts help reps act quickly to unblock stalled deals, capture upsell opportunities, and close pipeline.

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Align Product, Marketing, and Sales. Automate product ops. All in one place.

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Collect, monitor, and analyze competitive intelligence and customer surveys.

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Build beautiful, shareable roadmaps with customizable list, timeline, and kanban views.

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GTM Planning

Instantly handoff roadmap items into AI-powered GTM plans, to align with Product Marketing.

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Feature Voting Boards

Allow customers or internal teams to nominate, vote on, or discuss new features.

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Public Changelogs

Announce feature updates internally or externally with branded public changelogs.

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AI Feedback Summarization

Summarize product feedback from customer conversations via dozens of integrations.

Automate answering internal enablement questions.

All based on your data.


Align Product, Marketing, and Sales. Automate product ops. All in one place.


Better adoption & revenue impact.

20+ hours

Saved per stakeholder, per launch.


Annual SaaS cost savings.

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